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meet the team!


 As if it wasn't obvious from the name, one of Rhia’s biggest passions in life is completing insanely talented works of art. Specialising in animal portraits, she is especially talented at bringing horses to life. Not literally, that is voodoo.  When not drawing horses, she is tending to her own hooved friends, Cookie and Diamond. A complete animal lover who also has a deep love for the US Office. 

Rhia pretty much likes any games from Nintendo and loves anything to do with the Pokemon series. A sweet, animal loving, gentle girl...who also loves Mortal Kombat. You can never trust the quiet ones.   


 Connor is our animation guru, and the guy we can thank for all our awesome artwork for Boogie Moustache. A creative soul, he delves into the realm of drawing stuff, animating stuff, writing stuff, designing stuff, and as he puts it, generally just making stuff up. You want stuff, he’ll do it! 

Pretty sure the only member of the team who actually enjoys exercise, as he counts running as a hobby, and not a way of escaping zombie hordes.

Connor is currently playing as Finbar Jaderoot in our latest campaign of Dungeons and Dragons.


 Currently experiencing a quarter-life crisis, creative writing is currently keeping her brain from melting. 

Chief baker and chef. She also wonders if it is sad to consider ‘keeping her home immaculate’ as a hobby. It probably is. 

In order to satisfy her need to be productive during every waking second, as well as needing sunlight to function, in the highly unlikely event of ‘nice weather’, she is usually trying to tame the garden. 

She has some serious concentration and information retaining issues. She rarely finishes a game with a story-line, hence, some of her favourite games are RollerCoaster Tycoon series, The Sims series, and the Civilisation series.

Laura is currently playing as Kliipou Mendez in our latest campaign of Dungeons and Dragons.


 Do not be fooled. He is not a frog. Or a Robalon. Whatever that is.

One of those people who instinctively can play practically any musical instrument. Robbie knew how to play drums as soon as he sat down at a kit, thanks to RockBand. Whoever said that video games never taught you anything? 

Also a maestro at writing and recording some pretty tasty licks on guitar. He has more guitars than teeth. And he has a full set of those.

Clearly led by a need for some awesome tuneage, some of his favourite games include the Halo series, The Legend of Zelda series, and Rocket League.

Robbie is currently playing as Bat-el Roy-al in our latest campaign of Dungeons and Dragons.


 Clearly all for subtlety, this member of the team puts his multiple appendages to good use. Can dish out an awesome drum line. He can play everything at once with all those arms.
Ellis brings little lumps of plastic and metal to life by painting teeny tiny faces onto miniatures. They must all have angry expressions though in order to be used effectively in his tabletop war-gaming and to be photogenic for the photo shoots. 

His love for fantasy is also apparent in his favourite games, such as The Soulsborne series, The Witcher 3 and Skate 3. Skate 3 is a fantasy game. I don’t see you pulling off those tricks. 


 Aptly named. She comes in a small, cute package, and tumbling is her primary mode of movement. She will bump into things. Incessantly.  Without a doubt, the loudest member of Boogie Moustache. The noises that she emits are second to none.

Cass lives and breathes anything Disney related. And tea. Don’t forget the tea. Our own real-life Lara Croft, she spends her days as an archaeologist. If she isn't at home watching car-crash TV, then she is out socialising with friends, usually attending gigs that involve a lot of headbanging.

She doesn’t consider herself a gamer, but she will practically play anything. Within reason. Some of her favourite childhood games that give her the nostalgia vibes are Golden Axe, Pacman and The Sims.


Cass is currently playing as Hera Aran in our latest campaign of Dungeons and Dragons.


 The tech guy for Boogie Moustache, this guy is figuratively, surgically attached to a computer. 

He is a computer programmer by nature, and by profession. As well as being a computer whisperer, he is also pretty skilled at putting one together. Perhaps once he programs sentient artificial intelligence, the machines will view him as a God? Whether he is coding, gaming, or watching some kick-ass anime, there is usually a screen between him and reality.

 Speaking of screens, Tiffa is our current Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master. Currently one of his obsessions, he spends a lot of his free time watching ‘Critical Role’, or writing exciting adventures for the rest of the Boogie Moustache guys.

A real sucker for an RPG, some of his favourite haunts include Dark Souls, Skyrim and The Legend of Zelda series.


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